We regret to inform you that Vampire under its current management and format has ceased trading.

We would like to thank all of the loyal customers, promoters, bands, DJs and staff who all helped make the last six months happen.

We would also like to extend our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience this has brought to anyone. We assure you we’ll be in touch with anyone who had events booked at Vampire to discuss matters on an individual basis.

Although we have had a great time at Vampire and we’ve had some fantastic events, the business arrangements behind the scenes were no longer working for us and it was time for us to move on.

The club premises and name will be retained by the parent company “Tokyo Industries” and we anticipate that the music format of the club may change back to something which is more inline with their offerings.

However, this cloud has a very definite silver lining. Some of the Vampire team have been working with a forward thinking local pub co on an exciting brand new venue and many of the regular Vampire club and theme nights you have come to know and love will be transferred there. The new, as yet unnamed venue should be open for business in the next 2-3 weeks. More exciting news on that to follow!

We have been literally overwhelmed with requests for gigs in recent weeks and it has been difficult, knowing that we have not been able to accommodate everybody. Rest assured, we haven’t been ignoring you on purpose and we’ll be in touch soon regarding future opportunities.

Thank you all so much, see you in the next life!

UFO club (18/01/14)

UFO Club

We have no Griff’s Magic Theatre in January due to a double booking. However we are pleased to announced the inclusion of the UFO club to January’s events, so you can still get your fix of 60’s tunes here at Vampire. Griff will be back on 22nd February for his monthly spot.

Although similar, Griff’s and the UFO club are slightly different. As well as 60’s tunes, the UFO guys also veer into more contemporary psychedelia and indie, plus the audience is slightly different. We are very much looking forward to the UFO’s debut here at Vampire and we shall be looking at getting it back on more regularly in the future, probably with less of an emphasis on the vintage material in order to complement Griff’s Magic Theatre.

Anyway, this is next Saturday (18th January). Entry is FREE as always and it’s on until at least 3am.

Facebook Event

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January @ Vampire

03/01/14 Subculture: Wreck ‘n’ Roll – Rockabilly/Psychobilly/Rock ‘n’ Roll club night
04/01/14 Saturday Night Live: Revolt UK + Sector 7 + more + Underworld club night
10/01/14 Hospital Food + Relics + Underworld club night
11/01/14 Saturday Night Live: TBC + Underworld club night
17/01/14 Allusondrugs + supports + Underworld club night
18/01/14 UFO club – 60’s and modern psychedelia / indie club night
24/01/14 Hollow Earth + Murderpuss + Underworld club night
25/01/14 Saturday night Live: When Idols Fall + Bong Cauldron + Lizard Tongue + Underworld club night
31/01/14 Subculture: Dark Assimilation with Johnny Normal + Tokyo Witch Hunt + Jan Doyle Band – £5 entry, free after 11pm

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December @ Vampire

04/12/13 Masquerade: Weekly student night with live music from Silence Will Fall + Keeper + Lost Ground + great Diplomats
05/12/13 ReVamp Night
06/12/13 Subculture: Wreck ‘n’ Roll – Rockabilly/Psychobilly/Rock ‘n’ Roll live and club night with The Goddamn Wallbangers
07/12/13 Saturday Night Live: Ironrat + Lizard Tongue + Underworld club night
11/12/13 Masquerade: Weekly student night
12/12/13 Subhumans + Sewer Suckers – £8 adv.
13/12/13 Subculture: Spikes In The Vampire – Punk live and club night with live music from 2 Sick Monkeys + The Krayons + The Franceens
14/12/13 Saturday Night Live: Exit Lounge + support + Underworld club night
20/12/13 Voltage Studios 25th Anniversary pt3: with Dawn of Elysium + TBC + Underworld club night
21/12/13 Saturday Night Live: Cauldronated (feat. Dave Barbarossa) + Suicide By Cop + Panache club night
27/12/13 Subculture: Dark Assimilation – Goth/Industrial/Cyber/EBM club night
28/12/13 GRIFF’S MAGIC THEATRE – 60’s psychedelia and more
31/12/13 ** N E W – Y E A R ‘ S – E V E – P A R T Y ** Underworld club night special!

Bradford Alternative Music Society

We are delighted to announce that we have partnered up with the Bradford Alternative Music Society (BAMS), a student body who are keen to help alternative music in our city. As from Wednesday of next week (13th November), they will be taking the reins of our Masquerade weekly student night, making it the only alternative night in the city presently which is run by students for students.

BAMS are aiming to engage with the wider student population in order to promote alternative music in Bradford and are actively canvassing to increase their membership.

Of course just because it’s a student night, does not mean it is a student-only night. As always, everybody is welcome to join in the fun. They already have some great ideas and are chomping at the bit to get involved. Entry to the events is free and there will be various concessions on drinks for BAMS members.

I asked Rob Norvill, the Vice President of BAMS to tell us a bit about the society and its mission statement.

“We are the Bradford university Alternative Music Society (BAMS), a newly formed society that aims to bring together everyone who has a passion for, or an interest in any kind of alternative music. What do we mean by alternative music? In a nut shell, anything that is different, obscure or out of the mainstream. If you have a niche come and join us and share your tastes with us!

We aim to help strengthen and boost the alternative scene in Bradford and make the city a safer and more friendly place for those with alternative interests. We have partnered up with Vampire alternative nightclub, which is a fantastic venue with an equally good atmosphere. Wednesday night is our night and we will be down there hosting our own night every week. We are more than ready to put on live bands with a full stage and in house sound engineer. You can also have a chance to play your own DJ set at the club night afterwards!

We also have links with the Sophie Lancaster Foundation ( A charity that works to help stamp out discrimination of alternative subcultures. We hope to be able to raise money from some of our events to support the good work that the Foundation does.

So if you like things a bit different and want to get involved in Bradford’s growing alternative scene and help a charity that works for people like you at the same time come and join us!”

Their ethos is very synonymous with what Vampire is all about and both parties are very much looking forward to working with each other.

Visit the BAMS Facebook Group if you would like more information or to enquire about joining up.

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November @ Vampire

06/11/13 Masquerade: Weekly student night
07/11/13 ReVamp: New music showcase night bands/DJs/promoters welcome
08/11/13 Subculture: Spikes In The Vampire – Punk live and club night with Lowlife UK + Molly Bloom + Dead Punk
09/11/13 Saturday Night Live: Victoria + support + Underworld club night
13/11/13 Masquerade: Weekly student night
14/11/13 ReVamp: New music showcase night bands/DJs/promoters welcome
15/11/13 Subculture: Junk Dealers + support + alternative DJ till late
16/11/13 Saturday Night Live: Johnny B + support + Underworld club night
20/11/13 Masquerade: Weekly student night
21/11/13 ReVamp: New music showcase night bands/DJs/promoters welcome
22/11/13 Live Music Night: Adorned + Barfly + Underworld club night
23/11/13 Saturday Night Live: Drunken Messiah + Francis + No Second Chances + Underworld club night
27/11/13 Masquerade: Weekly student night
28/11/13 ReVamp: New music showcase night bands/DJs/promoters welcome
29/11/13 Subculture: Dark Assimilation – Goth/Industrial/Cyber/EBM club night
30/11/13 GRIFF’S MAGIC THEATRE – 60′s psychedelia and more

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Panache Memories (02/11/13)

Panache Memories

This coming Saturday (02/11/13), we have something a little different from our usual Saturday nights. The evening is an homage to the post-punk and new wave clubs which used to be around Bradford in the early 80’s and the soundtrack of that generation. The event is being organised by veteran DJ Stewart Paxton and friends, who used to work in a club called Panache, hence its name. They have organised a couple of these reunions over the last few years and they have been really well attended. We would like to extend a very warm welcome to Stewart and the team and we’re looking forward to hosting more of these events in the future.

It’s free entry and very much open to the public all night.

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October @ Vampire

02/10/13 Masquerade: Weekly student night
03/10/13 ReVamp: New music showcase night bands/DJs/promoters welcome
04/10/13 Subculture: Wreck ‘n’ Roll – Rockabilly/Psychobilly/Rock ‘n’ Roll live and club night
05/10/13 Saturday Night Live: Band Of Hope Union + Underworld club night
09/10/13 Masquerade: Weekly student night
10/10/13 ReVamp: New music showcase night bands/DJs/promoters welcome
11/10/13 Subculture: Spikes In The Vampire – Punk live and club night
12/10/13 Saturday Night Live: Lost In Olympus + support + Underworld club night
16/10/13 Masquerade: Weekly student night
17/10/13 ReVamp: New music showcase night bands/DJs/promoters welcome
18/10/13 Subculture: The Vinyl Soulution – Club night celebrating vinyl classics covering Stax, Motown, Funk, Indie, 60s/70s/80s and more!
19/10/13 Saturday Night Live: The Kingcrows + support + Underworld club night
23/10/13 Masquerade: Weekly student night
24/10/13 ** Skeletal Family + Dawn of Elysium – £5 admission **
25/10/13 Subculture: Dark Assimilation – Goth/Industrial/Cyber/EBM club night + The official Seahorses after show party!
26/10/13 GRIFF’S MAGIC THEATRE – 60′s psychedelia and more
30/10/13 Masquerade: Weekly student night
31/10/13 *** H A L L O W E E N – S P E C I A L *** details TBA

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Masquerade student night every Wednesday

Every Wednesday we have Masquerade, our weekly student night. DJ Skintrade is on the decks each week until late, playing a huge mix of rock, pop and cheese for your perfect mid-week shindig. He’s got quite a selection already and if he hasn’t got the song you ask for on the night, you can bet your boots he will have it for the following week. It’s FREE entry all night and it’s on until late. Drinks offers come as standard and we are always thinking up new concoctions for your delectation.

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Subculture nights – the lowdown

You may have seen the word “Subculture” bandied about with regards to Vampire. Subculture is the name we are giving to our Friday nights and will be a series of nights run by outside promotion teams, dedicated to specific genres.

On the first Friday of each month, we have Wreck ‘n’ Roll which is our dedicated Rockabilly/Psychobilly/Rock ‘n’ Roll night. This will consist of a mixture of live bands and DJs playing all the best music the scene has to offer until 3am. Damo, Holly and Paul are well known faces on the scene and have a real passion for the music. Wreck ‘n’ Roll kicks off on 4th October and they already have some fantastic nights planned running into 2014. We anticipate this night kicking off with a bang and we are all really looking forward to it.

The second Friday of each month will be dedicated to all things punk. Spikes In The Vampire kicks off on 11th October and again will be a mixture of live bands and DJs. Leon and Dave have a real pedigree for promoting punk in the area and have been putting on shows for many years across various venues. This will be the city’s only regular dedicated punk night and will cover everything from old school punk to new wave, ska, proto/garage, hardcore and more besides. The guys constantly have their ears to the ground and have a history of putting on the best new live bands they can find as well as some older favourites. Whatever flavour of punk you are into, there will be something here for your ears.

On the last Friday of the month, we will host Dark Assimilation which covers all things dark alternative from trad goth, industrial, electro, EBM, cyber, new wave and other associated sounds. Hosted by DJs Evenstar and Mini(stef), the night will initially consist of a club night with a view to possible live events further down the line. They have been meticulously crafting their night behind the scenes and promise to deliver something special. This night will appeal to fans of the annual Infest festival, which is hosted here in Bradford. Dark Assimilation will be the first of our Subculture nights and launches on 27th September.

As you can see, this leaves the third Friday of each month. This may end up with a regular monthly event or it may end up having something different on each month depending on how things turn out but in October, we have The Vinyl Soulution. This night is something different again and will consist of a team of DJs celebrating everything vinyl. From Stax, Motown, funk, indie to popular music from the 50’s to present day, if it has a soul, it’s fair game. The Vinyl Soulution will take place on 18th October as a one-off event with a view to possible further nights down the line.

So there you go, lots of sounds to get your ears around and that’s just our Friday nights!

Wreck ‘n’ Roll Facebook Group
Spikes In The Vampire 11th October Facebook Event Page
Dark Assimilation 27th September Facebook Event Page
The Vinyl Soulution Twitter Page

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