Vampire is a 200 capacity basement bar/venue/nightclub in the University area of Bradford. Situated in the historic Windsor Baths building, this little gem of a place is brimming with character. It was seemingly purpose built and purpose named to host alternative/subculture music. However, when it was first fitted out, it was used for dance-based events as part of the Tokyo nightclub upstairs. It has been criminally ignored and underused for some time now and so we seized the opportunity to make it into the club it should always have been.

The ethos of Vampire is musical diversity; a smorgasbord of sounds, some of which have seldom been heard in the city’s clubs for too long. We’re a haven for the disenfranchised and discerning music fan, a place for bands to play and feel at home, no matter how experimental or underground. Covering all bases from acoustic acts to punk, psychobilly, goth, indie to the noisiest industrial and crushing metal sounds and a place where many of the city’s talented alternative club DJs can have a platform. From old forgotten classics to cutting edge new music. Our music policy is that we do not have a music policy.

In short – something for everybody!

For older Bradfordians think W’s/The Underworld, Tumblers, Champagnes/Dusk til Dawn, it’s a dark cellar bar with lots of flashing lights and oodles of atmosphere. We’ll be open until 3am from Weds to Sat and entry will always be free!

Vampire is a student safe and student friendly venue and everybody is welcome.